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I do love original stuff. And I belong to the generation of dial plate phones.
I did actually love those phones very very much, even when dialing took forever and you´d better not try dialing a phone number overseas.

So now it was so evident that I couldn´t resist the latest "Headphones" for my mobile phone. It is a retro phone headset in pink .. (yes yes yes).

The great thing is that the headset just be squeezed between ear and shoulder without the shoulder having a cramp after 5 minutes and you´ll never have  cable knot in your headset :)

But I just couldn´ t leave it like that. Something was missing. And as I am who I am I had to add the good night pillow for home.

Just next time, I will not use stretchfabric with nonstretchfabric, but all in all I am pretty happy about the result. What do you think?

And now again with the headset and phone:

The oilcloth on the top prevents the phone from slipping and allows it to stay at one place

Another idea to improve the phone pad is already put on paper.

But that must wait, cause (yeay :D ..) I got my first order for a child costume (birthday gift for a friend of my daughter).

I'm a bit proud about it , I cannot hide it. I hope so much I can meet with the demands and that the little boy and his mom are happy.

So back to the phone, and the first night on the pillow. It has really been sleeping well and I had a little time travel back to my childhood ..mmhh ...where is the dials tape App for my Iphone?

whish you a wonderful week

Fanny & Malou

PS: phone headset  Native Union, Moshi Moshi via Amazon

and here:

http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=284700702&mt=8&affId=411323&ign-mpt=uo% 3D6


  1. thank you so much for your lovely comment! I can see that pink is really your colour! and not only pink! I love your colourful blog and your cute crafts.
    Lovely atmosphere in here!
    hugs federica

  2. Thanks so much Federica :)




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