Breakfast Equipment

Since my daughter has a allergy to all kind of fruitsugar and sugar I always have to make her a lunchbox for school.

Until now spoon and anpkin came back full of leftovers inbeetween the books in her backpack. It was one of my favorite moments of the day trying to get the backpack cleaned for the next day.

So I decided to find a solution for spoon and napkin, to come back in a cleaner way and have 10-15 min less cleaning work per day.

Here it is my daughters spoon and napkin bag:

It is really easy to sew in not time and with the oilcloth on the inside you just have no problems to clean it in a second. 

For keeping the spoon in place I used a rubber band and an applicationsewn.

It´s now in use for a couple of days and it works just great. My 4 year old daughter even loves it and is proud to unwrap her spoon and napkin at school.

Fanny & Malou


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