Here comes Halloween 2011

Yes, yes there comes the Halloween party. Even when I hear a loads of pros and contras, I think with our children growing up with so many cultures it is quite normal to try different traditions. And despite that Halloween is Irish in origin and more widespread in the U.S., it is in my eyes a great pass to fall.

Just like the trees changes their faces we can be one day who or what we like and simply have fun.

And yes for me an opportunity to show off my love for decoration and for costumes (is there more fun to disguise and still be you and with friends you love?)

Even Mimi tries to say "trick or treat" in english, and that is soooo cute :)

So this time I started (very selfish me) with my costume:

Step 1, design a mask on pelmet lining S133 and cut it out. Mark the holes and cut out eyes also.

Put a fabric rectangle on the mask and sew it with metallic thread (multicolors). To make it more straight just take foot n° 10 (for berninas) and sew along the edge of the fabric mask. Please keep in mind that on the inside you have to fix the elastic band for wearing that mask while sewing it.

Then define the eyes with an application stitch (n° 2, and narrow the stitch)

Now cut out the eyes on the mask et voila, Part 1 ready for fitting:

Since I've taken satin, it strongly reflects and I couldn´t take a good pic.

So now the finish: some peacock feathers and "diamonds". Not to much as the costume will be quiet oppulent.. Stay tuned:

Very dear greetings from the bitter cold Munich

Fanny & Malou


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