Our tent in the middle of our house

When I walk into a fabric store, I sometimes get the weirdest ideas. Why weird?.. cause mostly things were already inventet and it would be easier to look in a store to buy it instead of working hours and hours to create sth of our own.

But then I look at the result, and despite the lack of perfection, I have now something I have a relationship with . It is a part of me.  

And above all it is the way I wanted it to be and not just a manufacturers product. 

My final work will cost me a little gift for my boyfriend, as it is a little overdimensioned for our tiny appartement (actually it is my moms fault, cause she cleaned out her appartement and wanted therefor to throw away some french sheets and curtains and of course, I couldn´t let her and not just simply use it as a sheet) . 

Well, he and Mimi were gone for 4 days... What else should I do :)

So here it is, Mimi´s new home:
160cm high and 105cm wide. The width is variable and the tent can be folded



Window with a butterfly stitch by my Bernina 380 and the ruban is a broken headband, which I have just sewed on the border in order to recycle according to Mimi's request.

So and here I started a little painting, BUT since this is Mimi's house, I've been bought 6 fabric markers, and we will paint these windowless wall as we like :)

And does Mimi like her new home? ....

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Fanny & Malou


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