A new bavarian bed and again more horses

They grow so fast our little ones ... and in no time all furniture is too small and you have to let go the sweet little baby beds.

We have hesitated for a long time, but a coincidence led us to a worthy successor of the baby bed. And this time I didn´t even had to work and redo the furniture.

I had two sidebars on the inside of the bed, that had to be knock off (damn solid glued and screwed)  so that the lath floor and the mattress could sink a little in the frame of the bed, like it used to be in the old times. Here you go:

Ok, I forgot to put  away everything away, especially the boxes under the bed .... :)  Next pics will be better :D

And for all the horselover or parents of horselover, here is a fantastic template for horses. Aren´t they cute. We have not yet all finished, cause my girl and me are doing this together, which is by the way great fun, but here are pictured the first ones and for the instruction follow the link to Ann Woods fantastic World!

 Best wishes

Fanny & Malou


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