Dada Maurice the hobbyhorse goes Unicorn

Some of you surely have seen Mimi´s Dada (hobbyhorse) on my Blog. For some time now she had mentioned that it is "only" a horse and that nowadays she really loves unicorn but also horses.

So first I thought about changing the horse into a unicorn. But children change their mind so very quickly, and we´d really love the Dada that I wanted to leave everything as it is.

But than she gave me that big eye look and I have to say I am a bad no-sayer.

So my head started working out a solution. With white felt, satin fabric and a rubber I made a hair ribbon with a sewed horn on it:


As I made a really huge hobbyhores it also fits perfectly on Mimi's head and she and her Dada can now turn into a unicorn whenever it suits them :)

Big bisous from fairytaleland

Fanny & Malou

PS: Mimi was wearing horn and Fairywings this morning running around in our appartement yelling: here comes the unicornfay :) Guess she liked it ;)


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