Mimi Dragon

Welcome to the land of myths and legends. Here in Mimiland you can, if you hide and watch carefully, see unicorns, princesses and even dragons ...

What you don´t believe me?

Well I was really lucky and saw one of these shy creatures coming by closely. Of course I was hiding near his favorite place, the magic book corner. I even took some pictures for the sake of proof.

Unfortunately, not all of the pics are good as dragons are known to be extremely fast and agile creatures.

Luckily for me it has not spit fire but disappeared with his prey directly into his dreamlandtransportvehicle ...





Unfortunately for my Baby-Dragon, Mimi could not keep the costume, because it is a birthday gift for her best friend on the request of his mother.

I guess I have to sew another one, cause she looked just so cute.

big hugs from Mimiland

Fanny & Malou


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