Barbie Dream house

Et voila, the 1.72 m high Barbie Dream House:




I couldn´t take a picture of every small stuff that I made or bought on a flea market to fill up the dream house.. but I ´ll try to list as many as possible (you ´d be surprised what you find sometimes on fleamarket):
All Barbie Original Items mostly from the 90ties:
laptop, computer (with mouse and keyboard), desk lamp, mascara, nail polish, picnic basket, watering the horse, clothes hangers, toys, iron, toaster, toast, fried eggs , bacon, ice cream, pizza, ice cubes in bowl, carrots, steak, chicken, eggs, milk, cola bottles, soda bottles, several full service (incl, glasses and cutlery), salt spreaders, muffins, shoes, knifes and forks and spoon, Mascara, Lipstick, Parfum, cellphone,  and so much more  ...

The bulbs (lamp and chandelier room) you see on the pics I made ​​myself and the roof is also sewed.. it can be move up and to the side so that people can stand up to the house and have a perfect sight in the last floor.

The whole house is a total of 1.72 meter and stands on  wheels, so that the little lady of the house can follow me anywhere with her Barbie home!

Hope you like it as much as my little sweet one !!


Fanny & Malou


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